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At Millenia, we make available our extensive and deep knowledge of Microsoft and other technologies in providing core consulting to our clients. Typically, we will deliver a mission-critical component or an essential design to a client committed to an aggressive schedule.

We will take on work requiring deep investigation into a particular area such as a protocol, a data stream standard or a proprietary file format. In the past, we have provided major software companies with specialized components. When your architecture calls for an exceptional level of scalability, flexibility or performance, Millenia can expedite your delivery with key components, designed with imagination and engineered to the highest standards.

Millenia's Key Areas of Strength

See the Consulting section for a detailed description of the technologies we have worked with and how we have put them to use.

Millenia has also written a visual database design utility for Pervasive.SQL 2000 which is available for download from our Products section.

With a proven track record of being able to deliver software on time and on budget, we pride ourselves in producing world class products.