Hosting Services

Basic Hosting Package

Our Basic Hosting Package is designed for those customers who desire a simple web presence.
  • 2 POP3 Email Accounts
  • 1 GB Monthly Data Transfer
  • UPS Protected
  • 100 MB Site Storage Capacity

$25 per month

Advanced Hosting Package

This package is for the customer's who require a little bit more flexibility then the Basic Hosting Package, but who are not ready for the Extreme Hosting Package.
  • 5 POP3 Email Accounts
  • 3 GB Monthly Data Transfer
  • UPS Protected
  • 250 MB Site Storage Capacity
  • Active Server Pages / Perl / PHP scripting
  • MySQL / Access databases

$40 per month

Extreme Hosting Package

This package is designed for corporations and customers that have a fully developed web presence and require more bandwidth, storage space and active elements for their websites.
  • 10 POP3 Email Accounts
  • 10 GB Monthly Data Transfer
  • UPS Protected
  • 1 GB Site Storage Capacity
  • Active Server Pages / Perl / PHP scripting
  • Real time traffic analysis
  • 1 MS SQL Database

$75 per month

Mail Hosting Package

This package is designed for customers that simply require mail services.
  • 5 POP3 Email Accounts
  • 1 GB Monthly Data Transfer
  • UPS Protected
  • 10 MB Site Storage Capacity
  • Web Mail
  • Secure Mail using SSL
  • Self configurable
  • Expandable via 5 or 25 pack add-ons

$20 per month

Server Parking

This package is designed for customers with their own web servers and special requirements not addressed by our standard hosting packages. We can provide servers on request for this package.

  • 10GB traffic per month
  • 10 mbps connection to backbone
  • 5 Static IP addresses
  • 20 POP3 E-mail accounts
  • Liebert on-line UPS protection
  • 7 x 24 network monitoring and pager alert

$150 per month


Our servers are located in Burnaby with a connection to multiple upstream providers that ensure Internet connectivity is always available. Multiple providers also provides for greater route diversity that enhances Internet performance.

About the Building Environment

The facility we have chosen has been completely planned and built as an Internet co-location facility.  Each facility has been pre-wired with 100 Base-T Cat5 wiring, and is fully outfitted with emergency generator power that is available to all co-location customers. In addition to anti-static flooring and pre-action systems for fire suppression, each facility is climate controlled using multiple air conditioning units which are fed by emergency generator power.

About the Backbone

Our upstream provider recognizes that high performance is only achieved through route diversity and speed (capacity); being connected to one or two upstream networks just won't do. With the ever growing latency-sensitive applications such as Voice Over IP, Video Streaming and Conferencing, and a multitude of other client server applications, diversity is a key component.

Our upstream provider is connected to 6 Tier One Internet providers in Canada and the US, has peering relationships with an additional 75 other Internet networks, and the list grows weekly. Speed (capacity) has been addressed by having over 500Mb/sec (full duplex) of Internet transit and over 300Mb/sec. (full duplex) of peering connectivity.


The premises are patrolled 24x7 by a private security firm. Access to the co- location facility is only possible by using personalized security access cards. Access to all doors is monitored, recorded and time stamped on a card by card basis. Our upstream provider has CCTV installed in the data center, and all access points are monitored 24x7 by their Network Operations staff. Access to the Network Operations Centre and adjacent co-location facility is through a highly secure "man trap", featuring both key card and key pad access, again monitored 24x7 by personnel and security cameras.

Pricing Summary



  • Domain Parking / Alias
  • Brochure Page
  • Basic Hosting Package
  • Advanced Hosting Package
  • Extreme Hosting Package
  • Server Parking
  • Mail Hosting 5 accounts - 1Gb
  • Mail Hosting 25 account add-on
  • Anti-spam 5 accounts
  • Anti-spam 25 accounts
  • Additional SQL Database(s) 
  • Additional 1GB Diskspace
  • Additional 10GB Diskspace
  • Additional 1GB Bandwidth 
  • Additional 5GB Bandwidth 
  • 250MB data backup
  • 1GB data backup
  • DNS Hosting
  • Secondary DNS Hosting
  • DNS Hosting 10 pack
  • Secondary DNS Hosting 10 pack
  • .ca domain registration / transfer
  • .com, .org, .net domain reg / xfer
  • .biz domain reg / xfer
  • .tv domain registration / transfer
  • Direct Support

$50 / yr 
$15 / mo
$25 / mo
$40 / mo
$75 / mo
$150 / mo
$20 / mo
$25 / mo
$15 / mo
$35 / mo
$25 / mo
$5 / mo
$25 / mo
$7 / mo
$25 / mo
$25 / mo
$75 / mo
$25 / yr 
$15 / yr 
$125 / yr 
$75 / yr 
$25 / yr 
$20 / yr 
$40 /2yr
$45 / yr 
$70 / hr 

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