Visual Database Designer

Database Designer

Visual Database Designer is the ultimate schema manipulation tool for the database administrator. It allows complete visual editing of a Pervasive.SQL 2000 database as well as detailed or summarized printing of the database schema. The majority of editing operations can be performed completely with the mouse.

A full data diagram is presented including all foreign key relationships. Tables can be organized on the display to produce the most meaningful view of the database. As tables are moved all relationship lines to the table move with it.

Establishing a new foreign key relationship is as simple as dragging a line from one table to another. Deleting an existing foreign key is as easy as clicking on the foreign key line and pressing delete. All changes are reflected on the display immediately.

This program eliminates the requirements for any knowledge of SQL unless custom triggers are being created.

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Registration includes 1 year of free updates.

Download version 1.0 of Visual Database Designer here (1MB) FREE.

For more information see the White Paper or download the document (doc 227K, pdf 519K).

You can also view the Help file dbdesigner.hlp for complete usage information (310K).

Note: The unregistered mode allows a maximum of 5 tables to be opened for evaluation purposes. No other restrictions apply. You will need to purchase a license key to get unrestricted database access.

We are continually adding support for additional databases. If you are a database vendor interested in seeing your database supported by this product send us a

Interested in what we're working on for the next version?  InProgress.htm


Aug 19, 99 Released version 1.01 of Visual Database Designer which contains fixes for a Windows 9x rendering problem and a correction to NOT MODIFIABLE index creation.
Jun 30, 99 Millenia is proud to anounce the release of Visual Database Designer ver 1.0. The program is fully functional for up to 5 tables per database at no charge. The full unlimited capability can be unleashed by purchasing a license key.
May 16, 99 Anouncing Visual Database Designer for Pervasive.SQL 2000, the ultimate WYSIWG database administration tool.